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A quiz based on the animals I bring can be found here.

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I have been showing my collection of 'bugs and reptiles' in schools for over 30 years.

I've been to many types of school, nurseries, childrens' centres, play-centres, scout groups, after-school science clubs, wildlife centres, libraries, retirement homes - even a prison!

Great care is taken not to stress the animals and I'm also very careful not to frighten pupils (and teachers!)

I will bring: stick insects, giant millipedes, a tarantula, a scorpion, a bearded dragon (lizard) and three different snakes.


I am happy to bring only the bugs if your topic is 'Minibeasts' and don't want the reptiles - I'll try to bring extra examples. Similarly if your topic is 'reptiles' I will bring the Bearded Dragon and 4 snakes instead of the usual 3. Prices are the same for all permutations.

Children can hold or touch all of the animals except the scorpion.

I can do up to 5 shows in a day and can deliver them in classrooms or a hall/multipurpose area. All I need is a chair.

The 'standard' show lasts up to an hour but I can deliver shorter talks to fit your timetable. I've found that 40-45 minutes is more appropriate for Nursery and Reception.

Audience size is unlimited (I am prepared to 'do' an assembly but be prepared for a lot of noise!) and depends on your budget but if you want pupils to get close and have a good chance to handle the animals 1-2 classes per show is recommended.

Safety: only very reliable animals, well-used to being handled are used. The snakes are of course all non-venomous species.

I bring hand-sanitising gel.

Payment: I will invoice your school after delivery.

Sorry but the school here that manages me will only accept payment by cheque.

Cost is: 80 for 1, 120 for 2, 150 for 3, 190 for 4 and 220 for 5 shows. (I can do 3 in a typical school morning and up to two more in the afternoon).

*Please note: animal shows are not subject to VAT.


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