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Another new video. I'm particularly pleased with this design....


New videos:

 Eco Friendly Windmills

Making drinking straw pan pipes

Drinking Straw Oboe



New video:

As promised, here's how I make the slightly more complex V fold dinosaurs using my templates.

Coming soon: all the .pdf dinosaur templates will be available for sale - watch this space.

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Workshop Bookings:

I'm fully-booked for Spring 1 but have plenty of availability after half term. Week beginning 11/3 (STEM Week?) is fully-booked but I have available dates in the weeks before and after.


E177 switches: these are now 0.90p each. I've been selling very old stock for years and inevitably new stock prices have risen!

Please remember: I can only accept payment by cheque.


New video: Stick insects

This one's a bit different to the usual videos in this collection as I show the five species of stick insect I currently keep here at Ivydale. Check out the Tirachoidea species I bought as nymphs at Kempton Park back in October. They're now huge!

I will soon be adding a video showing how to make a cheap cage for them.


New video: Vfold animals

Check out my new video showing how to make cut-out and fold-up card animals! I show how to make some zebras but I've also designed nine other animals. The templates are available in a pack of 10 A4 card sheets. Each pack of 10 templates makes 16 animals and it is copyright-free used within your school. If you want a large elephant and tall giraffe you will have to enlarge the templates supplied onto A3 card yourself.

The pack costs 5.00 +postage.

Email me at to order!



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